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Thursday, March 18, 2010

GameStop to be bought out?!

   As of right now, it’s just a rumor, but it looks like there’s talk about GameStop being eyed for purchase by a private equity group. This would bring changes to management I imagine as well as taking the company private where it’s public now. I wonder if this would effect my pre-orders?

   There’s a new trailer for Black Prophecy been released and I think it looks pretty cool. I hope this game can hold up being good since the recent announcement to take the game to the free to play model. That means there’ll be some kind of cash shop. To date the only one I’ve ever seen done right is in Dungeons and Dragons Online. That cash shop doesn’t really effect gameplay.

   To celebrate Everquest 11 year anniversary, holy crap 11 years, they’re having a sale on steam! It’s a pretty big one too. You can pick up EQ and the current 15 expansions for just $2.50!!! Wow. That’s a great price, but alas, it is a 11 year old game. I think this sale is only up until the 26th.

   In WoW they still haven’t pushed out 3.3.3 yet and they’re already talking about 3.9?! I like knowing things ahead of time but man, this is really talking about the future!

   If you’re running Windows 7 also, did you know you can change your ‘start orb’ to other images? It’s pretty cool. I’ve done it! There’s even a collection of over 200 orbs already to choose from!


Lord Spooky said...

if only they make Everquest 2 $2.50, then it would truly be a awesome game indeed. Who doesn't like free stuff!

Brooke said...

Can I change my orb to a Frozen Orb so nobody can need on it?

Margrave said...

Well, I think EQ2 is now $19.99, but at this point free is always better!

I think there's one graphic that looks a little frozen orb-like...