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Thursday, March 25, 2010

So, yeah, I’m older…

   Yeah, yesterday was my birthday and that means I’m now 33 years of age. I still want to change the way we view age, it has such a bad stigma. I think we need to look at it like a mmorpg, and they’re levels. Which sounds much better in that I’ve now dinged into level 33. I can now use potions of all kinds and even have multiple mounts!

   This was one of the top birthdays that I’ve ever had I think. Everyone at work was awesome, and we all ate out at Don Gallo. I love mexican! And at home I found cash, and the new Final Fantasy XIII. I guess the collection will live on after all.

   I can say that it’s much better than I thought it would be from reading all the reviews. I can see why some people don’t like it as it is completely different from any other title in the series. Now, all FF titles are different, and have nothing to do with the previous ones, but this one is all new. The mechanics and the plot. This one is more action based. Reminds me a lot of the tales series. This is not a traditional jrpg where you can take your time to think about what to do, you have to act! It’s different, and I like it so far. I’m currently 2 hours in, and it rocks!

   Given that Safari was the first hacked and Chrome is still the last browser standing in this years Pwn2Own browser hacking contest, I think I’ll move back over to Chrome…


Brooke M said...

Technically I get my Mount since I just dinged 20! Happy birthday (again) Glad you had an awesome birthday! Awesome Loot drops btw :-D