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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Misc. Again

   I thought Ghostwire looked and sounded pretty cool when I first read about it on DS. I just figured, oh well, I don’t have one so no play for me. But it looks like it’s going to be coming out one some other devices also! I was going to get it for my ipod there for a second, but I think it needs a camera. Oh well I guess.

   Looks like Batman Arkham Asylum got Game of the Year. I’m very happy with that as it’s the best Batman game to date! Looks like the GOTY edition is a steel book with 3D glasses and the game can run in 3D! I might have picked that up to try it out, but it’s only being offered in Europe, Asia, or Australia! What?!

   Been playing some more Borderlands, I had forgotten how kick ass a game it is! I think it’s always a good thing when a title measures their gun count in bazillions. It still has one of the best intros ever in a game.

   I wonder if anything good will come from the FCC national broadband plan now that it’s done. Would be pretty kick ass if some of the tax dollars they pull in could go to a nationwide wireless of some kind.

   Star Trek Online has released their first state of game letter. It sounds like it mostly talks about the first major content update that’s coming. This update is also suppose to come sometime this month, I think maybe even this Friday. Unfortunately, the official site is down for maintenance, but should be back up soon.