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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Misc.

   Well there’s even more talk about the next iPhone, even the Wall Street Journal seems to be talking about it now. If they release on other networks besides just AT&T, it will spread fast I bet.

   The next Zune update, 4.5, will bring multiple video codec support to the device as well as the release of a 64 gig model! With that update the Zune will be able to play basically any web video out there now.

   I’m not sure if it’ll effect the upcoming mmo or not, but Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has sold off StarGate assets now. I know they’ve been having lots of trouble this whole time so we may never really see a StarGate mmo. I’m just not sure.

   And it looks like WoW Cataclysm testing will start in April! Remember if you get a beta invite email, odds are it’s fake and you should NOT respond to it. Of course, this could all just be Blizzard’s April Fools joke. Ugh…