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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some More Misc.

   Looks like from early leaked beta that the upcoming Halo Reach will have jetpacks. That sounds pretty fun. Reminds me of Tribes.

   Seems that American McGee is once again going for a childhood classic for his next title. The concept art that he released for Little Red Riding Hood looks pretty cool really. It has the possibility to be a pretty cool action title.

   Lord of the Rings Online is going to be publishing character updates to facebook it seems. I bet that’s in response to the WoW facebook publishing that’s already available. LotRO is a good mmo, just all pve which I really don’t have a problem with.

   I wonder if it’s something to worry about that Activision has listed WoW as a ‘risk factor’ on their report. I bet it’s because the title is getting a little old now. Cataclysm might need to launch sooner than thought. They’ve already put up a new PTR patch that includes trading all current pvp marks for 185 honor each, and some more minor class changes also. The new Celestial Steed mount looks awesome. Probably some rare drop I’ll never get.

   Looks like Blackberry is going to be releasing their own slider phone sometime in the future. Is it me or does that just look like one of those Palm Pre’s?