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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Tuesday Misc.

   I don’t have one, and am very tempted by them if they were to be on a different carrier; however, I think it’s crap that Apple is dropping support for first gen iphones! Doesn’t help that Steve Jobs himself has said that they won’t be upgraded either! I don’t know if I want one now or not since Apple is pulling their ‘buy new or else’ bull.

   There’s a lot of talk about the upcoming release of Sonic 4 being a return to fun 2d gaming. I also think that Rocket Knight and Shank look really good too. Some classic gaming at its best I think.

   I loved Fable 2, and am looking forward to 3, but I just think it’s weird when I read that the latest feature is that you can have kids with people you know in it! That’s right, if you’re in a co-op game you and your partner can have kids in game. What the hell.

   If you’re currently a netflix user now you can stream netflix to your Wii. I think now you can stream netflix movies to every console and computer possible. They must have tons of users by now.

   It’s true that at one point their was a Halo mmo in development. It even had a $90 million budget from Microsoft. MS canceled it in favor of casual xbla titles instead. I would have tried it out. A good scifi mmo is hard to find. And yes it looks like Halo in STV from WoW but that could’ve been cool.

   I think Tera could be a cool new mmorpg, and now I have new hope for it. They’ve just hired some big names to work on the project. I’m talking people from Bioware, Halo, Saints Row and more! Tera is an upcoming action based mmo. Could be fun.

   Was shown a great site for WoW tradeskills by Rollo, It’s great. Think I’ll put a link to it on the side menu here too…


Lord Spooky said...

Microsoft may have had the right decision on Halo. It just gets boring after awhile. Speaking of which, Apple needs to stops this kind of nonsense. No one will buy their products if they don't.