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Sunday, April 4, 2010

There it is!

   21 hours in and I think I’ve run into the Final Fantasy hidden within XIII. Since this one lets you run past fights, no random battles as you can see them, I’ve been flying through the story. Which at this point I think I know and it might have taken quite a long time to get into, is awesome. But now, I’ve come upon a boss that I cannot beat as I don’t have enough health. I think I understand now. Exp in this game is just called CP, and you spend it on your class talent trees. Currently my characters all have three classes talent trees and they max out at level 3 for each tree. Within these trees are things that will give you more hitpoints. So now I’m having to go back to fight anything I can find to farm CP to level my characters multi class talent trees. Feels a lot like FF of old where you would always hit a point where you had to go grind enough levels to pass. So here it is, after 21 hours of flying through the game, the grind point has hit. As strange as I must be, it feels, comfortable and familiar. I guess I don’t mind it and was expecting it before now. Now, to level 9 classes on 3 characters. Oh yeah…


Lord Spooky said...

I've run into this problem too, well not Final Fantasy 13 but with other rpgs. I hate it when you fighting a boss only to find out you weren't suppose to battle them just yet. That happened to me with Castlevania: SOTN.