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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Elder Scrolls Online!

   The new Elder Scrolls Online: Arrival cinema is amazing! It’s a true must watch. Just last night I was reading about an Amazon Leak about the Imperial Edition of the game. It also seems that today you can now pre-order the digital version at the Bethesda online store for $79.99. Being digital you don’t get the physical items. It appears from the early Gamestop listing the physical copy will be $99.99 though.

   Given the games control scheme it’s perfect for a controller. I’m rather tempted to pick up one now anyway. We did learn that NA and EU players will be on their own servers, and the console and PC/MAC players will be on their own servers as well. So no playing together if you’re on a PS4, and your buddy is on a PC.

   This reminds of a few years ago with the launch of WoW, and EQ2. Only this time it’s WildStar, and Elder Scrolls. Last time I got both of WoW, and EQ2. I think this time around I’ll go with the better graphics option. My old WoW team isn’t really playing anything anymore. We always ended up soloing anyway. Better graphics would indeed be nice.

   Not sure if I’m going to pick it up though. I am having a great time in Neverwinter on my cleric. Just got the whole War Prophet set. Normally that set comes from PVP, but I saved up some astral diamonds, and bought the set off the auction house.

   On a different note, it seems that Funcom is being investigated over stock irregularities now. Wonder what’ll happen to Age of Conan, and The Secret World now.