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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bunch of Just Misc

   If you’re looking forward to more Elder Scrolls Online stuffs you might be interested in checking out this video showing some of the recent changes. It looks sweet! I also noticed a nice little poll over at showing that lately some people are more interested in ESO then Wildstar now! I was interested in Wildstar for a time, then I played some of it. I’m just not looking for WoW in space.

   Speaking of WoW you may get a kick out of reading Blizzard defense/reasoning of selling level 90 in game for $60. That’s right, you can now skip all that leveling nonsense. Isn’t that the game though?!

   If you’ve ever played some downloaded mmo titles, you may have had them install Pando Media Booster as part of the install. There’s now a browser hijack that looks like an update for it. This went out of business August 2013, and that wasn’t soon enough. So if you guys have Pando installed, uninstall it now!


lordspooky said...

kinda takes the fun out of gaming if you start out on top when you first start