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Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Gets Better … and Misc Stuffs

   I was reading some posts over at when I came across one talking about how in the newest patch you can skip the starter islands! So I had to go and find these new patch notes to see what all may have changed. It’s pages of changes. Makes me really hope that they have a beta weekend to try all of this out! Sounds great!

   I also saw where you might be able to grab a copy of the Fry Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack on LP to help celebrate Record Store Day if that’s your thing.

   Also was just told by my good friend Foust that they’re going to be bringing back Heroes to NBC in 2015! This is currently only planned to be a 13 episode miniseries will have new characters and a stand alone storyline. So no true ending for the abrupt cancelation of the original.

   Also awesome would be the news of the Farscape sequel film actually being worked on! That’s just too cool! Hope it happens quickly as it’s been too long without some good space sci-fi!


lordspooky said...

can't wait for some farscape