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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bunches of the Misc…

   I would like to start off with Final Fantasy XIII-3 is awesome! I love it. XIII was on rails and kind of lame, and XIII-2 was back to basics for Final Fantasy, but decent. XIII-3 is great fun, with multiple outfits to dress Lightning up in that changes all her abilities, it doesn’t matter her being the only character in combat. The real time action combat is done fantastic. Makes me feel like I can’t go back to the traditional turn based mechanic anymore. I just hate that I can’t get the Aerith outfit currently. I hope it comes to the e-shop here soon. At least I have the Cloud outfit that also changes the victory music to FFVIIs! It rocks!

   On the subject of offline gaming it looks like there’s a Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark trailer been released. One can only hope it’s as good the previous two games even though a different studio is handling this one.

   We also found out that The Evil Within now has a release date of August 26. I’m very curious about this on since it’s by the father of the Resident Evil series. Or Bioshock if you go by it’s original name.

   You can also check out the trails of being the new kid in the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth game. Looks so good.

   On the subject of online gaming, you can now purchase the collector’s edition of EvE on sale for just $100! That’s right you can now give that much money for some in game things and boredom. That’s right boredom! At least they’re still talking about World of Darkness as something they’re still making. One can only hope I suppose.

   Did you guys hear about how some Syrian attack got 1 million Forbes accounts recently? So now the horrible things of the real world are happening in cyberspace too. We SO don’t need this.

   I’ve been thinking a lot about The Elder Scrolls Online recently. I know that none of my current mmorpg troupe will move to it, but with each beta I like it more and more. I’ve worked with their support over the last few days, and they are awesome! It’s real people! Not those fake ones. I now have the Digital Imperial Edition on pre-order. Personally I can’t wait. The trick is do not play this like it’s some other mmorpg. This is its own thing, and it’s great. A return to needing to explore. I love it.


lordspooky said...

Yeah boredom! Boredom is Boredom.

Of what I have seen of Elder Scrolls, it looks great.