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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bunches of Stuffs!

   By now I’m sure you’ve heard the news about Office for iPad. And even though you can even download it now unless you have an active Office 365 subscription you can only view documents. You have to have that same subscription to use their supposed free version Office Mobile for android. Without a subscription these are just document viewers! There’s already so many alternatives out there I don’t know if this is going to even matter at this point. Microsoft’s standard of being a ‘Johnny come lately’ isn’t working for them anymore.

   Back on the mmorpg front, if you’re like me eagerly awaiting the release of Elder Scrolls Online you probably already know that this Sunday will be the beginning of the five day head start. You can go ahead and patch your clients up to be ready for it too! I’m ready!

   Over in Guild Wars 2 it seems that they’re planning on a bunch of changes in their April Feature Pack as they’re calling it. Some interesting changes like removing armor repair costs sound quite interesting.

   Seems that everyone is trying to get some attention too. They’re even going to start up a new ARG for The Secret World too! Those ARGs that lead up to launch are what got me into the game in the first place. I found them more fun than the game personally.

   The newly released look at the room system in Star Citizen has me all the more tempted to buy into this title. No sign of a release date, but it’s by Chris Roberts! The father of Wing Commander! God I loved that series!

   After my limited time in Landmark I can honestly say that this is Minecraft with far better graphics. And a cash shop. Oh yes, they will milk the players.

   Not online, but tempting all the same, I’ve rather tempted to pick up Sonic Lost World for my Wii U just to get the new free DLC where Sonic goes to Hyrule! That looks too cool! Spooky’s right though, you can never get all the rings in a Sonic game. Never.

   The upcoming Half-Minuite Hero 2 looks pretty good too. Depending on the price, and the release date I might just pick that up on Steam.

   Do you remember when Origin said that would have free games at some point? Well they’ve got their first free title in the Original Dead Space! If you’ve not played this you really should! It’s awesome!

   This web-comic expresses my feelings about the facebook-Oculus Rift purchase perfectly. And you’ve got to love when someone films themselves pranking their father and puts it on youtube!