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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Even More Misc.

   If you’ve been wanting WildStar you might like to know that they now have a launch date of June 3rd announced.

   If you’re a Defiance player you probably already know about the Gunslinger DLC that’s now available. I understand that it might have some spoilers in it for when  the show starts back up. Might be interesting.

   Blizzard has now gone live with their online card battle game named Hearthstone. If I understand correctly they’re running a promo that if you can win 3 matches in Hearthstone you will get a free in game mount in WoW too.

   You can also watch this video showing off the new crusader class in the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls. That new class looks like a paladin to me. I love paladin classes. This makes this tempting to me, I’ve even been playing around in D3 since they released their loot 2.0 patch that’s great. Too much else to play though, and beat for now to pick up anything else at the moment. I still need to beat Stick of Truth, Blood Dragon, Lords of Shadow 2, and FF XIII-3! Plus ESO is coming next month too.


lordspooky said...

Wildstar looks good but wish it didn't cost to play