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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Even More Misc.

   It looks like SWTOR is going to be adding player housing come the August. I do like how they keep updating it like they are. First they added some more space combat, and now this.

   Speaking of updates I’m very curious as to what these ‘Feature Packs’ are going to be for Guild Wars 2. It’s great seeing it still being updated too. They’re doing so well they still haven’t had a price reduction on the initial box copy! That’s pretty cool.

   Just plain odd, and unexpected, would have to be the announcement of Skyforge. This new mmorpg is being made by Obsidian, and the Allods team. Yes, the team that’s from Allods online is making this one. They look nothing alike too!

   I do like seeing Yoshida considering f2p as an option for FFXIV. If he would do that I would SO play it in a heart beat! I hope he does it.

   I’m also very interested in the upcoming HD remake of the first Oddworld too! I loved this series, and would love to see this be a huge hit again!

   I’m not a sports guy. You all know this, but seeing the name David Tennant grabbed my attention. This is the actor who is my personal favorite Doctor Who. It’s just kind of odd seeing/hearing him do a sports title now…