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Monday, March 3, 2014

It Finally Clicked

   It didn’t seem obvious to me at first for some reason, but I finally saw the Dark Age of Camelot faction equivalents for The Elder Scrolls Online. It just made sense all at once. This past beta weekend I was finally able to get the time to play through the all three factions tutorial islands, and make it to their mainland homes. That’s when it hit me.

Daggerfall Covenant = Albion = England

Aldmeri Dominion = Hiberna = Ireland

Ebonheart Pact = Midgard = Scandinavia

   I’m sure this was apparent to others before now. The races make sense like elves in Hiberna AND Aldmeri, Britons/Bretons in Albion AND Daggerfall, and even Norsemen/Nord in Midgard AND Ebonheart!

   Given that finally lining up in my head, I think I will be going Daggerfall Covenant when it goes live. I was always an Albion player back in the day. I’ve also decided I will be a Templar too.