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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Some Misc.

   Just so you all know, South Park The Stick of Truth is one of the best rpg titles you will EVER play. While it helps to be a South Park fan, it’s not a requirement. A good sense of humor is though. Thank you again Spooky!

   If you’ve wondered what that $60 instant level 90 in WoW will be like you should check out this video that’ll answer your questions. I’m amazed you get full gear, and large bags too! I guess screw the in game economy?

   We don’t know how to get it yet as it’s not in game live yet, but this new mount in Final Fantasy XIV is just awesome looking. If I was in this game I would have to have that.

   It would seem that over in Star Wars: The Old Republic they’re going to have a new Huttball soon. I hate huttball. They’re also adding player housing too. That’s not too bad.

   I hope the crowdsourcing search for the missing plane in Malaysia works. I want to know what happened to that plane and those people! Crash, terrorism, equipment failure, or …. aliens….?