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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yup, More Misc.

   On the gaming front it would seem that EQ Next Landmark has had its name changed going into closed beta. It will now just be Landmark. I agree using the name EverQuest was a little misleading since this is basically a nicer looking minecraft.

   Do you remember the name Leland Yee who was one of the ones pushing for anti-violent games? He was the senator that was saying that violent games make people violent. Which is utter non-sense. Same drivel that was talked about with books in the past. Well, he’s now been arrested in gun trafficking charges. I wonder if a game ‘made him’ do it.

   Not everything out of congress is bad though. I for one hope that this weeks vote on outlawing online gambling passes. I think it’s a horrible thing personally. It’s one thing to buy a lottery ticket once and a while, it’s another to lose your home to a website!

   I also have hopes that the new discovery in autistic children’s brains leads to a breakthrough. A new study has suggests the brains of children with autism contain small patches where the normally ordered arrangement of neurons in the cerebral cortex is disrupted. To me it sounds like the wiring isn’t right. I know. I’m no doctor.