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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunch of Misc.

   It would seem that this coming weekend is going to be a WildStar beta weekend, and if you need a key you can grab one now thanks to If you’re looking for some WoW in space then this is the game for you.

   I just saw where CCP has now canceled the World of Darkness mmo they were working on. I would love to see a mmorpg made in that IP, but just not by CCP. I don’t want EvE in my vampires.

   Speaking of space though I do love the look of the newly shown Homeworld Collector’s Edition usb statue that makes me want to pre-order it when possible! Also on the topic of space the newly shown public demo of Star Citizen looks amazing! Chris Roberts new PAX interview is rather interesting also.

   Oh and you can’t forget about SOE’s new SWG replacement title either. Because that SO fits.

   I find it rather refreshing that Zenimax has started wielding the ban hammer in banning thousands of cheaters and gold spammers. I hate gold spammers.

   If you’ve been interested in Trove you can now buy beta access for just $20. Personally I’m loving Landmark as it kicks Minecrafts butt. You can also checkout the rewards for being a founder in Warhammer 40K too. Hope that one gets made right.

   Not game related, but cool is seeing project Ara for real now from google! I so wants these phoneblok concepts to take off! I’m also rather curious about the upcoming amazon smartphone that’ll have glasses free 3D! I guess this will be the 3DS phone? I do think it’s awesome that smartphones will soon have a kill switch that’s been long overdue.

   I also think that the newly revealed glow-in-the-dark roads in the Netherlands are overdue also. This would be awesome. I also find the early blooming cherry trees rather fascinating…