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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bunch of the Misc.

   If you’ve been following ArcheAge then you probably already know all about the founders packs they’re now offering. I can’t see ever giving $49.99, $99.99, $149.99 for early access to a sandbox title I’ve not played ever before. I’m a themepark fan personally. For any of you confused by those terms the simplest way to explain them would be that World of Warcraft is themepark, and EverQuest 1 was sandbox. I think Elder Scrolls Online is a nice blend of the two really.

   I like the sound of the template and tool upgrade options for Landmark they recently talked about. If you’ve ever played Minecraft you should really check out Landmark. It’s way better!

   It looks like TERA is celebrating truning 2 by giving away in game items to players. I tried yesterday for the mount, and didn’t get it. Oh well, I’ll try again today, and see what happens.

   I just saw where they’ve been able to get Nanoelectronics up to 245 THz in speed!!!! Makes our current processor speeds look like a joke! I would love one of these tens of thousands times faster processors!

   My job had me take an online training course, and it was a great course! I learned quite a lot in the end! For taking, and doing well in the course today I got a free iPad Air! I had planned on selling it, but things didn’t work out as I had planned so I’ve now opened, and started using it. This little thing is awesome! I have to admit I will now be recommending these to everyone I know. And just for FYI, I’ve used a Surface at work multiple times, and I prefer the Air personally. As for no SD card slot, while I would love one this dropbox app works perfectly. Plus I think there are some great accessory options out there too!