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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Even More Misc!

   I just found out that there’s a new Fatal Frame coming to Wii U at some point. While that’s awesome, I can only hope that it will come to the states as some of this series never was released in NA.

   There’s also a new Ace Attorney coming out, and this one is in the past! It’s in the Meiji time period of Japan. The main character in this one is an ancestor of Pheonix Wright. Of course they’ll be a lawyer. Somehow.

   I hate that they pushed back the release for the new Tex Murphy Adventure. At least it’s only back to May 7th. I’m hopeful about Tesla Effect personally.

   There’s a massive patch coming to Marvel Heroes soon. It looks like this patch will have everything that’s been released up til now. And a new hero in Invisible Woman.

   If you ever thought you were the stuff in an online game, know now that you were never as epic as this guy that got all 2057 achievements in WoW. For realz.