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Friday, April 4, 2014

Even More Stuffs

   Well the official launch for Elder Scrolls Online is at hand and I have loved it so far in my early access. You can check out their launch trailer now online. If you’ve been curious for some numbers on the title they’ve released a rather nice numbers page about it so far. I think that with 5.0952187 X 10^58 variations of characters possible to be made anyone should be able to make a character with whatever play style they wish. I’m a ranged Templar personally. I love it. A ranged paladin. It’s too great.

   As you may or may not know over in Guild Wars 2 they’re making some big changes. For one they’ve moved into a megaserver system now. Everyone is on the same massive server farm. It’s suppose to auto move you to be near guild, and people on your friends list. Might be nice. I’m also rather interested in this April Feature Pack they have coming out on the 15th too. They’re also having their biggest sale yet at 50% off from now until the 13th of this month. If you’ve been on the fence about this one now is the time to jump in. GW2 is a great game.

   Also of note, over in Neverwinter they’re having 4 days of free items from the zen market. All you have to do is log in, and claim them, but be aware that this is per character NOT per account!

   Not a mmo, but you can now check out some gameplay of Soma which is from the makers of Amnesia. I always thought that Soma was in space, I found it news to learn that it’s under the ocean instead! I also think it’s great news that the Unreal Engine 4.1 has been updated to support linux, and SteamOS! Isn’t that a little redundant as SteamOS IS a linux build?! This is awesome news none-the-less!!!

   Yeah, there’s lots of rain here right now. I think Weather Underground has some of the best radar personally…


lordspooky said...

thought it was weird it turned out to in the ocean than space in soma.