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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yup, It’s That Time Again

   April 1st is upon us once more, and with it a bunch of April Fools jokes too. They’re everywhere it seems.

   I love the thinkgeek Mr. Bread Machine they emailed me about. That email also had some things that I don’t think are fake though. I’m going to have to check to see if I have room for it, and if I do I am SO buying the flux capacitor car charger! Back to the Future is one of my favorite trilogies! If I was a nerf player I would have to have the nerf nuke though. You know there’s people out there that have always wanted to drink out of a unicorn horn right? Why did it take this long for someone to make a U.S.S. Enterprise frizbee as that seems awesome! I know it’s expensive, and I know it has no real world function, but the darkmage led spellcasting staff is just awesome! I want one! Also far too expensive, but cool would have to be the eye of Sauron desk lamp. That’s just class. What LOST fan wouldn’t love a Dharma alarm clock to wake up to? I think a Rosetta Stone for Klingon would be amazing to own.

   Newegg even emailed me about a new pocket pet, The Pet Egg program, but going to the link in the email revealed it was all a lie. That, and they have some sales too.

   I love swipe on my phone for the on-screen keyboard. It’s just far too functional, and fast. I’m rather intrigued by the concept of Swiftkey Flow Hard for physical desktop keyboards.

   You’ve also got to love the new Google Pokemon Challenge. That might just be an April Fools joke, but I think that could be a rather fun augmented reality concept. You also can’t beat Google of Japan’s Magic Hand input for android devices. They’ll even translate everything into emoji for you!

   The newly announced HTC Gluuv will bring back all of those wonderful Nintendo Power glove memories. Yes this is an April Fools, but unfortunately the Power glove was not.

   HTC isn’t the only phone company with some fake announcements. The new Nokia 3310 is cute, but has to be a April Fools. Why do they keep making their devices yellow? Ugh.

   You have to admit the ibuypower Origamibook looks pretty cool with those six fold out screens. I’m sure that wouldn’t be cumbersome at all! Although the hologlass looks like something that everyone is trying to make lately. You also just can’t beat having your own mini-nuclear generator for the best power in your home. And if you ever needed to learn something fast and easy, you really should check into K.I.L.E.R. for all your futuristic learning needs!

   You also have to love the new Sony Power Foods that can charge you, and your favorite electronic devices!

   Some games are even getting into the joke action of the day. In Guild Wars 2 the characters are now boobleheads complete with booblehead animation. Blizzard even announced a new fighter title, Blizzard Outcasts, and while it’s an obvious joke if it were real it would sell like crazy! Looks like you might be able to have a relationship with NPCs in FFXIV soon. Oh yes, it’s April 1st.