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Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Stuff

   I’ve added a Vol version of 2048 to the right hand side of the page. It’s great for UT Vol fans! Thanks for the link Montgomery.

   I’m rather interested in the fact that now Ubisoft is ‘fully focused’ on Watch Dogs for Wii U. The gamepad in a hack style game could be amazing if done right.

   Looks like Hollywood is once again getting interested in video games. The next Call of Duty is going to star Kevin Spacey now! The reveal trailer graphics have him down perfect too! Even Lionsgate has opened their own gaming arm now too. Wonder if they’re going to make their own films games. Wonder if those will suck too.

   While in very early stages I think the Paperfold prototype shows much potential. It will need a good body for each of the screens, better screens, and a locking mechanism to secure the screens connections to each other. All in all though, I could see that being made into something rather cool.

   Something not cool at all would definitely be this 16 year old girl faking being kidnapped in an attempt to get sympathy from her ex-boyfriend that broke up with her.