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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just Misc. Here . . .

   It would seem that yesterday water came to Landmark, and the servers are still down for maintenance. Might be cool to build with water.

   The business model for Black Gold has now been revealed, and it is very not cool. While I love the idea of no subscription, and no cash shop, the concept of ‘pay to loot’ is just dumb. I know they have to charge for something, but that is just dumb.

   There’s a new video showing off some of the weapons, and armor to be had in Destiny. I’m wanting this persistent world Halo more, and more lately. Being only console based I’m still hoping for a PS4 bundle with it. If they would pre-order that…. hmmm… Launching this September 9th too.

   I’m a big believer in solar power. I don’t think we’re doing enough with it. Of course everything has a price. It would seem that some of our current solar farms might be setting fire to birds that fly by. Sad, but sounds beautiful. I bet the upcoming new hot air energy towers don’t kill birds.

   If you live where I do, Knoxville, TN, then you might be interested to know that Microsoft is opening a store in West Town Mall next week. I heard that they’ll have Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets for just $99. Interesting. Personally I think for the average user the upcoming LG Chromebase all-in-one for just $349 would work great. Nice 21.5 inch screen too.


lordspooky said...

maybe you can get a bundle deal with the PS4 and Destiny.