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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Randomness . . .

   On the game side of things, if you’re interested you can check out WildStar soon in open beta May 8th – 18th. It’s a good game, I just wasn’t thrilled with WoW in space personally.

   After finding out that Activision is spending $500 million on Destiny I think that one should thrill the dickens out of me! For that amount of money this should be the best game ever made. Compare that to the $260 million that Grand Theft Auto 5 cost. Just amazing.

   Almost as amazing as the Analogue Nt pre-order for $499 now! That aluminum system can play NES, and Famicom titles while displaying through HDMI. I don’t think any of those games that old support the resolutions of HDMI! Why make this thing?! Why buy it?!

   Another good question would be why would anyone buy a grilled cheese sandwich that’s parachuted down to you? Who thought of this thing? I bet the birds and wild life won’t ever mess that up.

   Something that’s just messed up is definitely the study that showed young blood infusioned into elderly mice had them running faster, and thinking clearer! I can see it now, young blood selling for a premium! Dang vampires. Sometimes fantasy needs to be left fantasy.

   The new Z-2 Spacesuit from NASA looks like something from a fantasy film. I do love the Tron inspired lighting though. That is awesome.

   It’s also awesome that you can check out the cast of the upcoming new Star Wars film! I can’t wait for it! I’m a big fan of J.J. Abrams! Love his stuff!

   If you’re a fan of Frozen then you should love the Frozen How it Should Have Ended they’ve done. That’s just awesome. The Lego HISHE is great too! Never enough Batman!

   I’m still loving my iPad. Just got The Room the other day, and beat it in one day. I loved it too! If you’re an old Myst lover like me you’d love it too! Just picked up The Room Two to work on. So far it’s great too!