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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well Now . . .

   You can now check out the new faces that have been added to Guild Wars 2 recently. I’ve recently fell back into GW2. I had forgotten how awesome it is!

   It should be awesome this August when Asheron’s Call 1, and 2 go full free to play. I never liked one, but AC2 is pretty cool. Worth checking out if you’ve never played it before though.

   Google has bought the company Quest Visual, and now the android app Word Lens is free for a time. I bet it gets made into google translate. It’s a really cool app that translates text using the phones camera in real time! Universal translator much?

   Starting May 21st Amazon Prime will get the HBO collection for streaming at no additional cost! The shows are not their newest, or biggest, but I guess it’s something.

   Speaking of TV shows, I’m full on ticked off at NBC for the way Revolution ended last night! The series has been canceled, and they ended it on a cliff hanger! This isn’t the first time either! Heroes anyone?!

   I think that Lord Spooky has had one of the coolest cross-over ideas ever. It would get amazing to watch Godzilla VS Pacific Rim mechs! I would love that! They should make that movie now!