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Friday, December 4, 2015

Oh Look at All the Misc

   I think it’s cool how The Elder Scrolls Online is currently holding a contest to win one million dollars! All you have to do is register on this website, and login to play between December 3rd 2015, and January 10, 2016.

   Some people are upset that they’ve put werewolf bites, and vampirism in the coin cash shop. I think it’s great. Guilds were camping the spawns for this so you had to buy it from them! Bah. I was lucky, and got it for free from a nice guild. I give the gift of vampirism for free now too.

   I’ve been tempted to buy the Orsinium dlc pack. This one is suppose to be all pve content. It sounds like it might be nice. It’s currently 3000 crowns in the in game shop.

   The new Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 trailer looks amazing! This game just has all the potential to be the best ever made!  So far it looks like I can only still pull down alpha 1.3.

   You’ve got to love the new Capital One Kermit commercial! That is just too funny all around!