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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Truth is Out There . . .

   Last night was the first episode of the new 6 episode X-Files event, and I loved it! I had no idea that I had actually missed it. I’m as shocked as you! I can’t believe The X-Files started back in 1993. I feel old now. Now every Monday at 8 pm there’ll be a new one. At least for the next 5 Mondays.

   This February 1st will be the release of Tales of Symphonia on Steam, and I’m very tempted to buy this. This is my favorite of the "Tales of" series too! Yes it’s the only one I’ve played, and beaten, but ignore that. I’m tempted by Tales of Zestiria too.

   I’m also tempted to join Hulu just because they’re making a Stephen King original with J.J. Abrams about 11.22.63 which is an awesome book! I expect this would be an awesome thing to watch!

   If you’ve not watched Mr. Robot you must right now! I watched the whole of season one over the last two days, and I love it! It’s so amazing! I can’t wait for season two. What are you doing still reading this?! Go watch Mr. Robot NOW!


Scott Mantooth said...

x-files reopened looks amazing (as if i had any doubts on that one) will be watching this one later this evening after work

also on an unrelated topic, (but still geek related) there are new expansion decks for SuperFight: one being an anime deck
so that might be worth consideration...just sayin'

Scott Mantooth said...

you might find this interesting and worth consideration:

this particular youtube channel is pretty amazing to begin with and very well thought out and animated in a very cool way (not elaborate but fitting the narrative style of the channel) so i'm sure you could submit an idea that would have a good chance of winning

Scott Mantooth said...

i'm sure you are aware of this day being Bubble-wrap appreciation Day (yes, it's a real thing (the day that is since bubble-wrap already is a real thing)

Squirrel appreciation day was last thursday (it was also National Hug you were technically obligated to go outside and hug a squirrel to prevent "bad things" form happening like this:

you also might like this: Satori - Amethystium

Scott Mantooth said...

an awesome video showing some of the Easter Eggs in the Lego Dimensions Game of Doctor Who you might appreciate: