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Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Commericals of 2016

   These are the commericals I thought were just awesome:

Honda Ridgeline - Queen

Kia Optima – Walken

Avocados – in space

Hyundai – First Date – Moving Day – Goldblum

Doritos – Ultrasound

Doritos – Dogs

Snickers – Willem Dafoe

T-Mobile – Steve Harvey

LG OLED – Liam Neeson

Skittles – Steven Tyler

KFC – Big Dream

Coca-Cola – Marvel

The Jungle Book

Captain America: Civil War

X-Men Apocalypse


Scott Mantooth said...

already hearing very positive reviews of Deadpool the sequel is probably already being written...glad people are happy...unlikely to see the movie since not really a fan of trendy vulgarity...will probably wait to see Zoolander eye eye (same day release) on DVD since i know it will be silly and have fewer severed limbs flying about