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Friday, February 26, 2016


   The good news started off with the link to part 2 of the Netflix Daredevil trailer! I can’t wait for that! Thanks for the link Foust, and Scott! But then things got WAY better!

   I first saw the posters, and thought it was just a photoshopped image, but then saw that it’s real! They are making Spaceballs: The Search for More Money! It’s really happening! This is so great! I’m so happy!

   It also looks like there might be an Alan Wake Sequel coming too! I sounds like it might happen, and I hope it does! I love that game!

   I think it’s just great that Mercedes replaced robots with people on its assembly line! The robots just couldn’t keep up with all the customization people were ordering. That’s just great!


Scott Mantooth said...

i honestly hope that Spaceballs use my idea and skip to the third movie "the Search for lost revenue" and explain that the second movie was in fact made but has been lost in transit between planets for the last 20 years...they could have dramatic flashbacks from the second movie and at the very end of the movie the cargo vessel carrying all the copies of the second movie are destroyed in a huge and spectacular explosion of epic expensiveness

think this would work and fit perfectly within this 'verse

Scott Mantooth said...

trip to mars in thirty minutes...apparently feasible

Scott Mantooth said...

a very awesome kickstarter link related to knitting on a truly massive scale:

i would have one of these without question