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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I’ve been Torn About It

   I just didn’t know what to think about the whole Batman Vs Superman movie really. It’s obvious it’s a setup to get to make Justice League films, which could be awesome, but the whole concept of two good guys fighting each other is just childish in concept to me.

   I’m very happy to have gotten to watch the Chris Stuckmann Review, and the Jeremy Jahns Review from their early screenings. Mostly spoiler free reviews too! Sounds like the movie is exactly as I thought from all the trailers. Worth watching once, but nothing special really. Sounds like a ‘Sunday afternoon film when nothing else is on’ to me.

   Thanks for the links Scott!


Scott Mantooth said...

think this is another example of film makers (or rather studios) trying to put too much in the film without giving enough time to understand what is really going on... yes, the motivations of Batman are understandable and he does have the means to do something about it but Superman was not the bad guy during the fight that decimated both Metropolis and Gotham and had he not been there, things would have been much, much worse as Zod and his wacky
Kryptonian entourage would have had no one capable of stopping them from their plans of world conquest and terraforming earth to be more like their home (which was silly when you think about it...but i digress)
for an opinion from someone who does have some comic book cred (he has both a comic book store (which is awesome) and his own Superman museum (very impressive also) consider the logic presented here:

think you would appreciate the look of his shop...very unique and fun. also a HUGE Star Trek fan

Scott Mantooth said...

you will see this movie i have no doubt of this: