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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bunch of Misc

   Check out the Doctor’s new companion in a short clip. Might be fun. Can’t wait to see, and find out!

   Just saw where the new Zelda has been delayed until 2017! This lines up with the new announcement that the new Nintendo NX console is launching March 2017! I was worried until I saw the Nintendo twitter post stating that it’s going to be on both WiiU, and NX! I can’t wait to see what the NX is at this year’s E3!

   Happened to see the new Diablo 3 patch notes for today’s release of 2.4.1. Looks like Wizards got a nice buff. Might have to check that out!

   While I think it’s brilliant on one hand, I think it’s just sad on the other that a German city is putting traffic lights in the ground for smartphone addicts! People learn to look away from your phone! Darwin awards right there!

   I don’t like the idea of Comcast buying DreamWorks Animation at all. They’ve bought enough, and need to stop. They can’t own all the things!

   As strange as it sounds I would try this electric fork out! The small current in the fork can replace the sensation of salt! Salt is a large problem with the American diet!


Scott Mantooth said...

not too keen on the notion of applying electrical discharges to my tongue even in the name of science...have a tens unit which works fine on low settings and proper placement of the electrodes, but if you get the spacing wrong (too close together) and the power/pulse sequence too strong you're in serious pain ...and that's just for the arm and back or shoulder...can imagine all sorts of humorous effects it would have on the face and the overly expressive verbage such experimentation might cause

Scott Mantooth said... ....'nuff said.