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Friday, April 29, 2016

Bunch of Misc

   Can you believe that China is about to release Daleks as police! That’s just not wise!

   Well, it’s true that Comcast bought Dreamworks for $3.8 billion! So now they own Shrek too. Great.

   It might be great that a VR game could function similar to Xanax for some. I think it’s just through breathing exercise, and training though.

   I’m interested to see just what is released from the founder of Atari making mobile games. I want Megamania dangit!

   It’s not just me that finds it fascinating, and freaky that Microsoft is now using synthetic DNA for data storage is it?

   Sounds awesome though that they may have had a breakthrough with HIV antibodies though! Might lead to a vaccine! That’s huge!


lordspooky said...

I guess the trash cans in China are sentient mow and they have tasers. we need some Megamania action up in here.

Scott Mantooth said...

the penalty for littering and jay walking just got REALLY severe

also you might appreciate this:

expensive? yes, but imagine using this out in public or while dining?

Scott Mantooth said...

a game you will no doubt own once released:

this looks amazing

Scott Mantooth said...

speaking of Daleks, Doctor Who's new companion has been announced:

yes, i'm really jazzed about this