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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Good Vids to Check Out

   You have to love the esurance April Fools Election Insurance video they put up. That’s too funny!

   The video of the Top 20 Open World Games coming in 2016 is great to watch. And being from February 17th 2016, some might already be released. Like The Division, which I’m still loving. Thanks for the link Scott!


Scott Mantooth said...

just a reminder that no man's sky is released on june 21st
of course you can pre-order it (which i'm sorely tempted to do despite not even having a game system (yet) ) probably one of maybe two games i'd be interested in getting...the other being Deus Ex: mankind divided which looks amazing

Scott Mantooth said...

was told about this site a few hours ago: Bad Lip Reading ... yeah, it's strange

Scott Mantooth said...

and i thought the first Kubo trailer was good: wow

Scott Mantooth said...

hardcore Henry trailer #2: still dizzy from watching this one

Scott Mantooth said...

possible idea for a side project(ish) thing (maybe)

demo reel:

since there's an academic version of this program
you might be able to find it very cheaply...

i'm sure there's a steep learning curve to this
(no surprise there) but this still looks pretty
sweet...i know that 3ds Max drove me crazy (short trip there)
while in class and that you can get student versions of that
and other autodesk programs for free so the possibility of
doing interesting animations is there if you have time
to invest in learning them