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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Revenge of the Fifth!

   If you missed J.J. Abrams performing the new cantina song for ‘May The Fourth Be With You’ you have to check that out now! It’s only since today is ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’ after all.

   Next time you’re in McDonald’s, God help you, you might soon start hearing strange sounds. So far the new McTrax placemats are only in The Netherlands, but there’s no telling if, or when they may come Stateside.

   While those placemats could be annoying, you have to admit that Portal Combat is just an awesome movie short. I would love a full length feature film of portal like this!

   Speaking of awesome if you wondered what came of a team being able to prove gravity is a space/time wave not only is it a major scientific discovery, but they also won $3 million!

   Also possibly awesome might be the coming of The Global Brain Viv by the original creators of Siri. This could be great, or horribly wrong. I don’t want Skynet, or MCP!

   And for just strange, and unexpected KFC of Hong Kong is coming out with flavored nail polish. I don’t think this is what ‘finger licking good’ is suppose to mean.


Scott Mantooth said...

another id4: insurgence trailer:

and yes, it looks awesome

Scott Mantooth said...

this trailer is insane and very funny: