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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekend Misc

   If you missed them, it looks like they’re coming back. From this new video from Moto it looks like on 6/9/2016 the flip phone will return. Wish it was running android.

   I also think that the new 2nd generation boosted board looks fantastic. I kind of want one. With prices like $999 for the Single, $1,299 for the Dual and $1,499 for the Dual+ I just don’t see myself buying one. Also with my balance like it is I shouldn’t anyway.

   Solar power is great. Even if a solar power plant can experience a form of solar meltdown I still love the idea of solar power. No one was hurt after all!


Scott Mantooth said...

something kickstarter related you might consider backing:

have to admit, this is pretty cool

lordspooky said...

hello moto :p

Scott Mantooth said...

return of monsters and things that go bump in the night:

this looks promising

Scott Mantooth said...

when you add narration by Morgan Freeman to any game, you have something truly epic: