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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Awesome Bionics!

   The bionic limb shown in this Deus Ex video is awesome. It’s great to think about this coming true! Thanks for the link Scott!


Scott Mantooth said...

a few minutes of injustice2 gameplay just dropped: very intense

Scott Mantooth said...

ReCore E3 trailer:

this looks interesting (yeah, i have to admit the song is also
pretty awesome as well)

Scott Mantooth said...

the new Disney trailer for Moana has dropped:

looks rather awesome.

yeah, i'm making good use of my ever present insomnia this morning

Scott Mantooth said...

i'm calling it now, you're gonna need a lot of overtime this year:

Scott Mantooth said...

another south park game to add to your collection:

and the review: