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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Patent Troll Scams? No Thanks

   Familiar with patent trolls? You should watch this video about how they are destroying progress, and filling up the court systems. This really needs to be fixed. I’m ashamed of my government now.


Scott Mantooth said...

have heard about this being done by company's who submit blanket patents on ideas so that they can instantly claim infringement on any alleged improvement submitted by anyone else...pretty disgusting and low class.

the final trailer for Pete's Dragon dropped yesterday: and it looks awesome

a nice design for a Disney dragon

Scott Mantooth said...

recore trailer song: MSTR Rogers: I'll Take You

and something a bit strange (consider the source) from the jonTronshow (i found this yesterday) conserning Disney Bootlegs (mostly games) (a bit long (20ish minutes so you can skip around a bit) the Frozen Elsa games (midway through) are just seriously, they are really, REALLY mind numbingly bizarre. (one includes Elsa frozen brain Surgery (not making this up)

also the State of Mind game trailer looks amazing: