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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bunch of New Misc!

   Today is a new Epic Rap Battle of History, and it’s a good one with Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible! This is what ERP is suppose to be!

   Today is also Amazon Prime Day, and so far I’ve just not seen any sales I want. Not even on the Woot sale site! Sad.

   If you’re playing Pokemon Go also you might want to check out The 8 Things It Doesn’t Tell You about the game. Great find Scott, thanks! Of course it’s scary to read about how it gets permissions to all the info on your phone too! That’s a scary, great find Dellom! Thanks! I was able to come across a response from the company that it’s an error, and it’s not suppose to request that level of permissions. So I guess they’ll fix it?!