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Friday, July 22, 2016

Oh These Look Good

   I love the new NES Classic Commercial that Nintendo has released. I will SO own one of these. My inner child demands it!

   Netflix is on a roll. The comic-con trailers for Luke Cage, and for Marvel’s Defenders look awesome! The Iron Fist teaser is pretty cool too. Thanks for the heads up Scott!

   Is it just me, or does We Happy Few look disturbing? In a good way mind you. That’s just messed up right there. Although The Eyes of Ara is a rather tempting Myst inspired puzzle title.


Scott Mantooth said...

the Iron Fist teaser trailer is also pretty good as well: probably a bit
confusing if you don't know the back story: but this
looks to lean more towards a mystical Kung Fu/Shaolin series
...which would be exceptionally awesome

Scott Mantooth said...

3D printed human space: because space kidneys are trending

Scott Mantooth said...


Scott Mantooth said...

yeah, there's more:

and this one:

Scott Mantooth said...

okay, comicon is in session (dua), which means there are literally tons of awesome trailers to look at and be super jazzed by: so here's another one
that is also rather amazing:
just sayin'

Scott Mantooth said...

accept it will see this movie multiple times

not a trailer, but really, really good nonethe less