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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Misc. Stuffs

   After see The Honest Trailer of No Man’s Sky, and the Angry Joe Review [NSFW] [Spoilers] I’m rather thrilled I didn’t buy it. Wow, dodged that bullet!

   I think that Pokemon GO lost 15 million users because of all of the increased sales of 3DS units. They’re probably playing a real Pokemon game that has good combat! My only complaint with GO is the poor combat system, and capturing not using a good combat system. It should be like the other Pokemon titles dangit.


Scott Mantooth said...

actually, these reviews are very biased and lean towards testosterone over saturation end of the spectrum with much screaming at the screen while drinking a 96oz red bull... it should be obvious that No Man's Sky was never intended to be a constant point and frag every living creature sort of game.
granted you can play it that way, but you will have a very short in game live doing so (just sayin') yes, the game might have a few issues (which are being addressed and corrected) but from my strictly non-gamer observational perspective (which may invalidate my opinion in some circles) the loudest and most hostile gamers are projecting their own dull and boring linear expectations from past games onto a playing style that does not fit the reality of the narrative that was intended. maybe it's because i'm old, but this type of game appeals to me (a lot)... the streams that i've watched (5tat is excellent) have been good and many players are 100+ hours into the game and are still enjoying the exploration and discovery aspect that is woven into the game...the problem seems to be that many players are intent on one rapid path to winning and when they are not found are upset or rather when they take shortcuts the results are much less than anticipated ... so you might reconsider getting this game when the price drops, which i'm sure it will.

Scott Mantooth said...

safe to say that westworld is going to be very trippy:

lordspooky said...

You could have more fun in Eve Online than No Man's Sky and that is a HUGE compliment to Eve Online. Man I didn't know you could make something more boring than Eve. This guy who made No Man's Sky deserves an award.