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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Oh I’m Not Happy At All

   Well the Windows 10 Anniversary update has been released and Microsoft is a lying douche. This is not an update this is a whole new version of Windows. You can only get it via Windows Update, which takes forever, or by downloading the ISO, and installing Windows over the top of the current installation. This is just BS. I now hate Windows, I also hate Microsoft. I will no longer recommend them to ANYONE! NOTE: The current played titles on the right hand side are all iOS, or Android.

   It’s no wonder that a recent poll has shown that 60% of Windows users would switch to Mac for more privacy. After all everyone knows that Windows 10 is just a giant spybox for ads.

   Shoot, Charles Schwab switched everything over to Chromebooks instead of Windows 10! I think we’ll see more of this before it’s over. MS has lost it’s mind. Since they want to Apple so bad that leaves the door open for someone to come along, and be what they used to be!

   I’m also furious about the elementary school after school satanic program they’re trying to start. That’s just one of the worst things I’ve ever seen!

   Here’s hoping that Jessica Chastain, and Jake Gyllenhaal staring in the movie of The Division will help it not suck. I just hate how Hollywood screws over game movies. So stupid.


Scott Mantooth said...

ever ask yourself, say, why can't i have a dragon to ride in Grand Theft Auto?
well, wonder no more:

Scott Mantooth said...

this is what happens when you have insomnia and a brain that won't stop thinking about things or topics that anyone else would dismiss as being too geeky or too far along the nerd spectrum to even be considered: and this was the more plausible/realistic one of the bunch