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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Small Misc

   Yes, No Man’s Sky has been released, and while it’s absolutely beautiful I fear it would become boring. Just not sure I want to drop cash on it right now. I’m trying to decide if it would be worth $280 to buy a friend of mine’s PS4 for Final Fantasy XV. Hmmm.

   Right now, personally, I can’t wait to see The Tick on Amazon video. I hope they do it right. This could be soooo cooool.


Scott Mantooth said...

guess it would depend on what you consider boring...yes, No Man's Sky does appear to be a very methodical and leisurely paced game with an almost zen like quality to the procedurally generated exploration of the 16 quintillion planets (that's a lot..just sayin') and the creatures encountered are normally docile and non threatening (unless agitated or poked with a sharp pointy object (survival tip: don't do that) while there are creatures that are less friendly and dangerous scattered about at the very beginning of game play, the developers have already stated that the closer you get to the center of the galaxy these creatures will become far more hostile and dangerous (which probably means they will be more valuable or contain elemental properties that could be harvested and later sold to other aliens...and it could just be me, but the aliens that have been shown so far
(think i've seen four distinct species from the 15 hour live streaming (5tat) and they do seem pretty diverse and need to be on anyone's bad side and also have no interest in walking into a hornets nest when the hornets have plasma rifles or acid blood coursing through what passes for their veins...