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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Well That’s Interesting

   It looks like Street Fighter on Switch might have the rumored first-person hadoken mode we’ve all wanted.

   And I’m rather curious about the new re-engineered straw that McDonald’s spend time, and money to develop. Who knew the straw needed an update.

   And it’s just pure fun to get Siri to talk to you like your Lego Batman. Too funny!


Scott Mantooth said...

the nova program this evening showing how origami is being utilized in future space exploration and engineering projects is one of the more interesting things i've watched in a long time:

being a geek and loving this type of art form also makes this an awesome episode

Scott Mantooth said...

here's a free auto-cad program for developing folding robots you might find interesting:

yeah, it's good to be geek