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Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Misc. Bits

   I’m rather interested in seeing the Legend of Zelda smartphone game that Nintendo is making!

   It’s also interesting to hear R. R. Martin mention four spinoffs from Game of Thrones. One can only hope for them to be as amazing.

   What’s amazing is that the Tron:Legacy music in Star Trek: TMP is a prefect fit. I like it better than the original!

   I don’t know what to think about The Gifted which is going to be on Fox. This X-Men inspired TV series will probably only be on the air for one season. It’s Fox people. They don’t let shows survive.


Scott Mantooth said...

i do have serious reservations about fox tv and their history of cancellation bingo with shows that are never given the chance to become popular...and yes i'm referring to Firefly.

Scott Mantooth said...

a kickstarter project you might find interesting:

i think this is pretty cool on many levels and it's also one of the more reasonable projects i've seen lately...

Scott Mantooth said...

something worth reading: